What is Ubunchu?

“Ubunchu!” is a Japanese manga series featuring Ubuntu Linux. Three school students in a system-admin club are getting into Ubuntu!

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What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is a computer operating system software suitable for laptops, desktops and servers. For corporate enterprise, governmental deployments or home use.

Ubuntu's main features are its ease of installation, high focus on desktop integration and vast array of free software solutions, available directly from the integrated software management system.

It can be a great addition along side or even replace Microsoft Windows and Apple's Mac OSX.

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How are Translations Done?

Translations of the Ubunchu Manga are done from Japanese into English and then into many other languages by volunteers. After each chapter is released under a Creative Commons license, we can begin the process of transcribing each page, translating it and then reconstructing the full manga with translations.

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Ububchu Credits

Author: Hiroshi Seo
English Editors: Arturo Silva, Martin Owens
English Translators: Fumihito Yoshida and Hajime Mizuno