Chapter 05

Select your language and your prefered direction of reading, it's more traditional to read Right to Left as this is the direction of the original Japanese version, but English readers who are unfamilar with this style may wish to read the comic in a more natural Left to Right direction.

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Sources and Translations

Download the source files here, it is an archive folder which should be extracted and you will find both left to right and right to left svg and xcf sources. To do translations, please consult the Google Doc spread sheet and add a column for your language, this allows everyone to keep track of translations and provides an easy way to do them.

Source Files

Please do not forget to keep ALL credits intact, do not remove credits for other translations, editing or authorship when you make your own version simply add your own credit to the list.


Author: Hiroshi Seo
Others: Arturo, Martin Owens, Anton Ekblad