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Mittwoch, Juni 22, 2005


Independent Minds for Your “Independence” Day

July Kabarett! Look for My Special Guest!
Ominous Collective’s monthly series, Kabarett 16-bit is at the Zeitgeist Gallery, 1353 Cambridge St., Inman Square Cambridge on Saturday July 2, 2005 9:30pm-12am. $6 Donation.

For those of you not planning on roasting on a beach for Fourth of July weekend, perhaps an Ominous Collective Kabarett 16 Bit show at the Zeitgeist jam packed with some independent art may be the perfect way to celebrate “Independence” Day Weekend.

As always, featuring some of the more interesting underground performers in town this show features Collective members Imo'an Performance Troupe, What Time is It Mr. Fox?(EP release) and the film screening of "Cherry". Imo'an Performance Troupe a silent theater project organized by Collective member Naomi Bennett (also of The Illegitimate Theatre Company/Grindhouse Marionnettes). Brian King leader of What Time is It Mr. Fox? the Collective's newest member will bring you his brand of cabaret infused with goth and glam---he is the love child of Billie Holliday and Siouxsie Sioux, boasting a "haunting...chameleon like voice". Also that evening will be a showing of the film "Cherry"(featuring music by the punk cabaret act the Dresden Dolls and Collective members Robotzen) directed by local Russell Lowke and a short poetry reading/intro preceding the film by screenwriter John Cotter. "Cherry" promises to be a dismal, yet humorous look at dating and mating.

Diva Jutta will make sure that things stay out of the PG-13 rating with her blend of dry wit and necessary costume changes. Jutta will be joined on stage by her baby sister!

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