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Donnerstag, Januar 19, 2006


The Unofficial Paranoiac-Critical Science Fair

For their most ambitious production to date, the Ominous Collective will take over the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center (CMAC) on February 9th 2006. The CMAC, housed in a fabulous historic former court house originally designed by famed architect Charles Bulfinch, might be understandably nervous to host the subversive artists behind the Zeitgeist Gallery's monthly Kabarett 16-Bit, but we have it on good authority that they are actually excited to see this show happen.

Tickets are $10 and available from any collective member (if you can find one) or from TicketWeb.com

Be prepared for the most unusual combination of music and artistry ever to be performed anywhere!

Musical acts include Seven Sunless Days [ethereal-industrial], Thylacine [electro-rock], The Glass Set (feat. Leah Callahan) [dark indie], Specimen 37 [prog-rock], Lucretia's Daggers, Optic Rose [blood-gore-and beauty], What Time is it Mr. Fox [bluesy cabaret], New Remorse [new wave]

AND, if that isn't enough, stick around for Badriya the Bellydancer, poet Edward J. Carvalho, photographer Naomi Rubin, and writer/reader Edrie, and the ever-present diva of decadence, Jutta!

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Montag, November 28, 2005


December Kabarett - Saturday December 10th 7pm-9pm

December Poster click to enlarge

December 10th 2005 - Kabarett 16-Bit
Follow the Ominous Collective into the bleak winter months with three acts sure to make the weather a little more tolerable. This month we have an short and early show planned so you can either make your party-all-night Saturday-night just that much longer or get you home in time to hide from the evil yellow snow goblins. Come out and see Pamela Martinez, a talented songstress who mixes electronic music with violin to create an "otherwordly yet familiar sensation." Get caught in the trancelike web of Collective members Seven Sunless Days, who's mixture of gothic rock, dance and operaesque vocals are more beautiful than morose. And just in case this doesn't melt your ice, we have Shane Webb, a popular satyrical philosopher/underground comedienne who, according to her myspace, just wants to dance.

Jutta says, "Be there, or be branded with the mark of the mad cow."

Saturday December 10th 7pm-9pm

Zeitgeist Gallery

1353 Cambridge St., Inman Square

Cambridge, MA

9:30 - Midnight

$6 donation

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Mittwoch, Oktober 12, 2005


November Kabarett

November 5th the Ominous Collective invites you to a very special Kabarett 16-Bit. This month the creepy creatives bring you an exciting tribute to the worldly and mysterious British doctor, M. William Frederick Omens (after whom the collective is named, of course). Psychotic artisans Optic Rose and electropunks Livesexact will be on hand to sing the praises of his contributions to the 'dark mechanical sciences'. Pushcart Prize nominated poet Edward J Carvalho may have a word or two to say about Omens'flavorful abuse of the English language. What Time Is It, Mr. Fox could very well sing a sultry song about his knees, or present him with yet another award for his bravery in the face of tapioca. And it's possible the good Doctor could make an appearance too--He's been known to stir up a little hell once in a while. But Scotland Yard hasn't been able to prove anything yet, so there's a good chance he'll be there. Will you?

With performances by Empathy and Gee-rog of Specimen 37, New Remorse and The Breadweather Biologists, as well as philosophical musings by the late Steve Robot. Presided over by our in-house diva of decadence, Jutta.

7PM - Midnight
November 5th, 2005
Zeitgeist Gallery
$7 donation

Ominous Collective's monthly series, Kabarett 16-bit is at the Zeitgeist Gallery,

Saturday November 5th 7pm-12am
Zeitgeist Gallery
1353 Cambridge Street
Inman Square

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Freitag, September 09, 2005


Jutta has a fan!

Well, I knew I was worshipped by all, but now I have proof of one. Thank you, Gabe.

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Mittwoch, Juli 27, 2005


August Kabarett!

August Poster click to enlarge

the Ominous Collective at the
Zeitgeist Gallery on August 6th four our monthly installment of Kabarett 16-Bit!
This month features OmColl members Thylacine,
an incredible duo who were recently described as "one part Garbage, one part
Lords of Acid" by Nomasonha Magazine.

Our special guest this month will be truly special indeed. The Seattle-based
trioNa. Na "performs
with all instruments possible, including classical guitar, piano, electronic
guitar, laptop, a child drum kit, lots of cymbals and vocals with screams and
laughs in their own language." Come find out just what laughing in Japanese
sounds like!

Rounding out our list will be local performer MorT. In MorT's own words:

MorT makes music on his computer. MorT makes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with his hands for the people. MorT falls over alot. Gas mask, Japanese wrestling and rubber gloves. Came to in Providence, RI, almost died in NYC. Self-nursed back to health in Boston.
And, of course, your charming hostess, Diva Jutta will be there to cuddle you through the night.

Zeitgeist Gallery

1353 Cambridge St., Inman Square

Cambridge, MA

9:30 - Midnight

$6 donation

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Mittwoch, Juni 22, 2005


Independent Minds for Your “Independence” Day

July Kabarett! Look for My Special Guest!
Ominous Collective’s monthly series, Kabarett 16-bit is at the Zeitgeist Gallery, 1353 Cambridge St., Inman Square Cambridge on Saturday July 2, 2005 9:30pm-12am. $6 Donation.

For those of you not planning on roasting on a beach for Fourth of July weekend, perhaps an Ominous Collective Kabarett 16 Bit show at the Zeitgeist jam packed with some independent art may be the perfect way to celebrate “Independence” Day Weekend.

As always, featuring some of the more interesting underground performers in town this show features Collective members Imo'an Performance Troupe, What Time is It Mr. Fox?(EP release) and the film screening of "Cherry". Imo'an Performance Troupe a silent theater project organized by Collective member Naomi Bennett (also of The Illegitimate Theatre Company/Grindhouse Marionnettes). Brian King leader of What Time is It Mr. Fox? the Collective's newest member will bring you his brand of cabaret infused with goth and glam---he is the love child of Billie Holliday and Siouxsie Sioux, boasting a "haunting...chameleon like voice". Also that evening will be a showing of the film "Cherry"(featuring music by the punk cabaret act the Dresden Dolls and Collective members Robotzen) directed by local Russell Lowke and a short poetry reading/intro preceding the film by screenwriter John Cotter. "Cherry" promises to be a dismal, yet humorous look at dating and mating.

Diva Jutta will make sure that things stay out of the PG-13 rating with her blend of dry wit and necessary costume changes. Jutta will be joined on stage by her baby sister!

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Freitag, Juni 17, 2005


Welcome Optic Rose!

After their stunning performance at this month's Kabarett, we were compelled to ask Optic Rose to join us. Check out their site for more about them and their upcoming shows.

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