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Donnerstag, Januar 19, 2006


The Unofficial Paranoiac-Critical Science Fair

For their most ambitious production to date, the Ominous Collective will take over the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center (CMAC) on February 9th 2006. The CMAC, housed in a fabulous historic former court house originally designed by famed architect Charles Bulfinch, might be understandably nervous to host the subversive artists behind the Zeitgeist Gallery's monthly Kabarett 16-Bit, but we have it on good authority that they are actually excited to see this show happen.

Tickets are $10 and available from any collective member (if you can find one) or from TicketWeb.com

Be prepared for the most unusual combination of music and artistry ever to be performed anywhere!

Musical acts include Seven Sunless Days [ethereal-industrial], Thylacine [electro-rock], The Glass Set (feat. Leah Callahan) [dark indie], Specimen 37 [prog-rock], Lucretia's Daggers, Optic Rose [blood-gore-and beauty], What Time is it Mr. Fox [bluesy cabaret], New Remorse [new wave]

AND, if that isn't enough, stick around for Badriya the Bellydancer, poet Edward J. Carvalho, photographer Naomi Rubin, and writer/reader Edrie, and the ever-present diva of decadence, Jutta!

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