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Mittwoch, Juli 27, 2005


August Kabarett!

August Poster click to enlarge

the Ominous Collective at the
Zeitgeist Gallery on August 6th four our monthly installment of Kabarett 16-Bit!
This month features OmColl members Thylacine,
an incredible duo who were recently described as "one part Garbage, one part
Lords of Acid" by Nomasonha Magazine.

Our special guest this month will be truly special indeed. The Seattle-based
trioNa. Na "performs
with all instruments possible, including classical guitar, piano, electronic
guitar, laptop, a child drum kit, lots of cymbals and vocals with screams and
laughs in their own language." Come find out just what laughing in Japanese
sounds like!

Rounding out our list will be local performer MorT. In MorT's own words:

MorT makes music on his computer. MorT makes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with his hands for the people. MorT falls over alot. Gas mask, Japanese wrestling and rubber gloves. Came to in Providence, RI, almost died in NYC. Self-nursed back to health in Boston.
And, of course, your charming hostess, Diva Jutta will be there to cuddle you through the night.

Zeitgeist Gallery

1353 Cambridge St., Inman Square

Cambridge, MA

9:30 - Midnight

$6 donation

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